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Thanks for stopping by my shop blog Quilty Little Secrets. I've always wanted a shop of my own, either on line or out in the real world, but it seemed like a dream at first. Then I discovered Etsy and the dream soon became a reality. I love sewing! It's relaxing and really easy to get into once you start. I've made things from pincushions to cushion covers, zippered pouches to mini quilts. My favourite thing to make is cushion covers, they're fun to make and a really quick and simple project. Plus a good looking cushion can really stand out in a room and add an eye catching focal point.

For me sewing is a great past time, you can really get lost when your sewing and when you get to the end of a project you think "Wow I've just created that myself!" It's a great achievement making something from scratch, watching a project come together from start to finish. I love shopping for fabrics, seeing what's new. I go for bright eye catching fabrics mixing new and modern with old, but stylish. I either source my fabrics from the internet or the local markets. Quilt covers, duvet sets, curtains, bed spreads are all great sources of fabric and can be picked up just about anywhere.

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