Sunday, 15 November 2015

Behind the scenes and some new products

It's been a busy few months trying to build up the store as a lot of the Etsy search options have changed and everyone is feeling it. If you have an Etsy store how is yours doing? Comments below.

I've been editing tags changing up my titles and only recently did I discover they had forums! So I have been checking those out in a way to help make my store just that little bit better. Working on the titles has been the hardest as I don't want to over or under do them.

I've been working on a few new products to list with Christmas right around the corner. Trying to think of what the perfect gifts would be. I'm an artsy person so I used that aspect to create some products that I would love to receive. Some are still prototypes like the notebook covers I'm trying to perfect.

The corners need some work and the inside pockets need to be made slightly bigger, but I did create this with no pattern I just used one of my notebooks and designed something around that.

I've also made and added to the store some Embroidery Hoop Organisers. Let me know what you think of them

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Nearly Sold Out!!

Head over quickly to my Quilty Little Secrets Shop.  The Zakka Style Sewing Kits are nearly gone with just 3 left. If you want one now is the time to grab one.

Also leave a comment below if there is anything you're looking for that isn't in my store.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

New Just In!

New additions to the Quilty Little Secrets  shop. These 16" hexagonal and circular wedge style cushions. Already stuffed there's no need to buy a cushion insert. Perfect for anytime of the year no matter what the weather outside. Find them in the Stuffed Cushion section

The inspiration for these cushions was taken from both complimentary colour schemes as well as these pictures

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Coming Soon!

Coming soon to the Quilty Little Secrets Shop fun new stuffed cushions. Perfect for the summer! Whether you're having a picnic or just chilling in the house one of these would be perfect for you!

Friday, 1 May 2015

Quilty Little Secrets Destash

Newly added to the shop a Destash section. Grab yourself a pretty little bargain!
Sometimes fabric is just too lovely for me to bring myself to cut into. So I figured why keep it? Someone else may want to use it for a project they've been working on or to add to a collection that isn't quite complete.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Step Into Summer

With Spring almost over and Summer on the way don't wait around to brighten up your home.

These fun bright cushion covers could be just the thing you need to make summer come that little bit sooner

Planning a trip abroad? Then check out the Pouch section. These pouches could be just what you need to hold those summer essentials. 

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Pouch Perfection!

Planning a trip abroad? Getting a way for the weekend? Then one of these pouches may be just what you need. Great for use as a cosmetic bag, snack pouch, small projects on the go or for those holiday essentials. View them here in the  Quilty Little Secrets Shop

In a choice of boxed or standing these pouches will easily fit into your suitcase, weekender bag, backpack and carry on luggage. In there bright summer colours you're sure not to forget packing these!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Going Zakka Style!

Sewing on the train? In the car? At the beach? The hotel lobby? or possibly in the park. Then one of these Zakka Style Sewing Kits may be just what you need. Each kit comes with its own pincushion. With 3 pockets on one side large enough to hold those sewing kit essentials. 

They fold up and can be tied to stow away into a bag, tote or any luggage you happen to be carrying a the time. Stamped with a heat set ink in a fresh modern design.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Cushions Galore

Now listed are a selection of cushion covers in various sizes and styles. Check them out here in the Quilty Little Secrets Shop

Designed in different styles and colour schemes one is sure to be a great addition to your home!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

One Pin,Two Pin, Three Pin....more?

I love Pincushions. I've seen them in all shapes and styles and thought hmmm maybe I should whip up a few of my own. I have a few of my own dotted over my sewing area with the vast array of pins sticking out of them. I believe one can never have too many!


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Quilty Little Secrets!!

It's been a little overdue in the run up to the open. It was supposed to be last year, but time and planning got away from me. Plus I had to do a little creative market research.  I am now happy to say the shop is open and ready for business. Please take a look. Any feedback will be more than welcome!

Bye for now.

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